About us

Procurion is a team of  specialists  with many years of experience in providing high quality customer service. Our intention is to continue the high level of service while ensuring we provide the most advanced and technical LED lights equipment available.   Depending on projects and/or requirements,  we choose your  point of contact based on experience and level of expertise. The Procurion team has high level of competence within industrial and professional LED light solutions, and we welcome new challenges.  We are proud to represent Orcalight, and  The Orcalight product portfolio gives us the opportunity to provide cutting edge performance  able to adapt to extreme environments.

Our main focus areas are :

  • Submersible LED light solutions for all conditions
  • Light weight high performance LED lighting systems
  • Custom LED lights for underwater video production
  • LED lights for ROV and underwater exploration
  • LED light systems for underwater observation
  • Offshore / Subsea
  • Deep sea exploration
  • Military operations  (contact us for more detailed information)

All the best,

The Procurion team